Welding and Fabrication Shop

SEES Inc. state of the art fabrication shop ensures that no matter the task at hand, we've got the resources to get the job done.

Endless capabilities

At SEES Inc, we have a 10,000 sq/ft welding and fabrication shop that allows us to work on multiple pieces of equipment concurrently. With equipment repairs generally requiring a variety of methods to fix the issue at hand, our team has cultivated the perfect environment for repairs that allows us to provide welding and fabrication services such as multi process welding, gouging, cutting, ice lugging, hard surfacing, component rebuilding, aluminum welding and much, much more.

Stainless steel

Ladders with safety cages

Stainless steel

Mild steel



Engines & Transmissions


Industrial stairs

Access platforms

Equipment buckets

Ladders with safety cages

Our equipment repair facility

Our diverse range of equipment repairs includes a variety of unique industries and vehicle types. From RV repairs, construction repair, pipeline repairs, farming repairs or really just about anything you can think of, the team at SEES Inc. has got you covered.