Rental Equipment

SEES Inc's top of line of equipment rentals are available for use for your construction or personal project.

Rental equipment available for use

CAT 349E Long Reach Excavator

The CAT 349E Long Reach Excavator is a powerhouse of productivity, featuring a remarkable 50-foot reach capability. Equipped with a 400 series 54-inch dig bucket and an 84-inch clean-up bucket, this excavator is ready to tackle even the most challenging digging and clearing tasks. Whether you're working on large-scale construction projects or intricate landscaping jobs, the CAT 349E delivers exceptional performance and efficiency.

Hitachi ZW180 Wheel Loader

The Hitachi ZW180 Wheel Loader is a versatile and reliable addition to any job site. With a range of available attachments including a jib pole, bucket, 6-foot forks, and mat grapple, this wheel loader offers unmatched flexibility for various material handling tasks. From loading and transporting aggregates to clearing debris and lifting heavy objects, the Hitachi ZW180 ensures smooth operation and maximum efficiency.

SEES Lube truck

The SEES Lube Truck offers comprehensive on-site preventative maintenance services in a compact, mobile unit. Equipped with essential lubrication tools and expert technicians, including oil sampling facilitated by Fluidlife, this solution ensures the health and longevity of your equipment. With our tailored preventative maintenance plans, the SEES Lube Truck keeps your machinery running smoothly, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Your All-Terrain Vehicle Repair Specialists

With a passion for adventure and a commitment to excellence, we offer top-notch repair, maintenance, and customization services for a wide range of brands including Polaris, CAN AM, Honda, Ski-doo, Yamaha, and Suzuki. Whether you’re tackling rugged terrain or navigating through snow-covered landscapes, SEES Inc has you covered.

Our Services Include:

Repair Services:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic assessments
  • Engine repairs and overhauls
  • Differential and axle repairs
  • Clutch replacements and adjustments
  • Tire replacements and repairs
  • Electrical system diagnostics and repairs
  • Suspension maintenance and upgrades
  • Fuel system repairs and tuning
  • Brake system inspections and repairs

Maintenance Services:

  • Routine maintenance checks
  • Fluid replacements and top-ups
  • Belt inspections and replacements
  • Greasing and lubrication
  • Battery testing and replacements
  • Carburetor cleaning and adjustments
  • Spark plug replacements
  • Coolant system flushes

Customization and Upgrades:

  • Performance upgrades for increased power and torque
  • Suspension upgrades for enhanced ride quality and handling
  • Lighting upgrades for improved visibility in low-light conditions
  • Tire and wheel upgrades for better traction and durability
  • Exhaust system upgrades for enhanced sound and performance
  • Winch installations for added convenience during off-road adventures
  • Cargo rack installations for increased carrying capacity
  • Custom paint and graphics options to personalize your vehicle

Parts Available:

  • OEM parts directly sourced from manufacturers
  • Aftermarket parts from trusted brands
  • Wide selection of replacement parts for engines, drivetrains, suspension, and more
  • Upgraded components for improved performance and durability
  • Accessories and add-ons to customize your vehicle to your preferences

Your All-Terrain Vehicle and RV Camper Repair Specialists

Our commitment to excellence extends to RV camper repair and maintenance services, ensuring that your home away from home is always in top condition. From winterizing to awning repairs, slide-out motor replacements to electrical troubleshooting, SEES Inc is your trusted partner for all your RV camper needs.

RV Camper Repair Services:

Winterization and De-winterization:

  • Comprehensive winterization services to protect your RV camper during the colder months
  • De-winterization procedures to prepare your RV camper for summer adventures

Brakes and Axles:

  • Brake inspections, repairs, and replacements
  • Axle maintenance and repairs to ensure safe towing and smooth rides

Awning Repair:

  • Awning inspections for tears, leaks, and functionality issues
  • Awning fabric replacements and repairs
  • Awning motor repairs and replacements

Slide Out Motor:

  • Slide-out motor diagnostics and repairs
  • Motor replacements for smooth and reliable slide-out functionality

Jack Repair:

  • Jack inspections and repairs for stabilizing and leveling your RV camper
  • Jack motor replacements for effortless setup and teardown

Electrical Systems:

  • Tail light repairs and replacements
  • Interior electrical system diagnostics and repairs
  • Battery testing, charging, and replacements

Roof Sealing:

  • Roof inspections for leaks and damage
  • Roof sealing services to prevent water intrusion and maintain structural integrity

Window Caulking:

  • Window inspections for leaks and drafts
  • Window caulking services to ensure a tight seal and prevent water damage