Three Common Welding Injuries and How To Avoid Them

Welding is a necessity in many industries, from automobiles to ships, buildings and rail cars. Welders are masters in their profession and extremely aware of the dangers it entails. Regardless of how vigorously trained one is in this position, accidents are always possible and it pays to be prepared and react appropriately for when they occur. 

Take proper precautions to be the most responsible and safe welder you can be. Here’s Sees Inc’s guide on the three common welding injuries and how you can avoid them from happening. 

Eye Injuries

The most common welding injuries affect the eyes. Optical injuries include:

  • Arc Eye/Welder’s Flash: This injury is caused by UV, infrared (IR) and light (radiation) emitting from the welding arc. The UV affects the eye similar to severe sunburn and won’t be apparent for a few hours. The infrared feels like extreme heat on the retina and can eventually cause cataracts. The radiation exposure is very painful and will require a doctor visit.
  • Sparks: Any hot sparks or metal particles in the air that reach the eye will cause immense pain.

To minimize optical welding injuries, practice the following:

  • Always use the proper eye gear when welding, including goggles and the welding hood. In the welder’s hood, there is a welding shade that dims the light, however, only if it comes in a filter strength of 8-13.
  • Use welding blinds to avoid airborne eye dangers. Keep a safe distance from the welding arc.

Ear/Hearing Injuries

The most common welding injuries affect the ears. Hearing injuries include:

  • Airborne debris or articles that can penetrate, cut and injure the ear canals.
  • Extremely loud and excessive noise during an eight-hour workday that is either high-pitched or lasts for a long duration. This could result in a partial or complete hearing loss.

To minimize hearing welding injuries, practice the following:

  • Try wearing earplugs on the worksite or earmuffs to mute loud sounds.
  • Avoid spending long durations of time in an area with excessively loud or long-lasting noises.
  • Go for routine hearing tests to ensure your hearing is optimal.

Skin Injuries

The most common skin injuries affect the ears. Hearing injuries include:

  • The UV radiation from the welding arc can burn skin that is not protected by gear. Long-term UV exposure or radiation exposure can lead to skin cancer. 

To minimize skin welding injuries, practice the following:

  • Always wear a welding face shield to protect the entire face from UV exposure, radiation and any sparks or airborne particles that can burn the skin. A heat resistant jacket can help protect against burns and excessive heat.

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