How to Clean and Maintain Custom Steel Fabrication

Stainless steels are rust-resistant for the most part but they will encounter surface damage from time to time. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, corrosion, oxidation and staining will occur which is inevitable in the long run, especially if they are located in harsh environments. Repetitive mechanical use and damage also affect metal and cause it to wear away faster. 

In order to help your steel products have a longer lifespan, there are specific ways in which you should handle stainless steel and one of the main things you must do is prevent contact with corrosive substances. Additionally, you should always wear clean gloves, use the proper tools that are specifically designed to treat stainless steel and prevent contact with both carbon steel and iron. Never weld or cut carbon steel that is near stainless steel because it will cause damage and ruin your custom steel fabrication. This also includes drilling and grinding. Furthermore, avoid any contact with concrete detergents and chloride solutions and never use steel wool or other types of scrubbing pads that are abrasive. 

Following these tips will help your stainless steel surfaces to remain in good condition for a much longer period of time. Many people use corrosive products when cleaning stainless steel, which is a very big and very common mistake. Chloride cleaners, chlorine bleach and all-purpose cleaners should never be used on stainless steel. 

You must clean regularly and follow a strict routine to preserve its condition and maintain its appearance which would otherwise deteriorate. The proper care will prevent corrosion and allow your stainless steel to remain pristine. If you do not clean regularly, corrosive substances will not only form but accumulate. You should perform your routine cleaning every six months by following these steps:

  1. Take a soft brush made of nylon and use it to remove any dirt that has accumulated
  2. Using mild soap or detergent wash the surface area
  3. Proceed by rinsing with clean water
  4. Using either a soft cloth, disposable wipe or air blower wipe the surface dry
  5. If your cleaning procedure requires the use of harmful chemicals make sure you follow the instructions regarding the product for your safety and to eliminate any risks of danger
  6. Always wear the right equipment that meets the health and safety guidelines when cleaning to provide yourself with the necessary protection 

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